Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Business Card Ideas For Kids

Business cards are awesome. They make you look professional (especially at a young age), you can leave them pretty much anywhere, and it presents an easy way for potential clients to contact you.

I have about 250 personalized business cards that cost me around $20 off of Yet, they also have a deal where you can get the same amount for only $5 (non-premium version), which I think only accounts for shipping.

Business cards are cool because they are usually cheap and can be used in any business.

What Should Go On A Business Card?
If you use a pre-made template (like with vistaprint - see image above), it will already have indicators as to what should go on your card and where. For my guitar business, I have Guitar Academy for the company since (since the actual name wouldn't fit), and Learn. Play. Rock. as the company message. Always include your name and job title.

Add an address if applicable. If not applicable, then replace the address line with a phone number (contact is the most important part of a business card - how will your clients be able to do business with you if they have no way to get in touch?). You may also add an email address and a website (if you have one). Remember: the easier it is for your clients contact you, the easier it will be for you to get sales.

Who Should I Give My Cards To?
You can use your cards effectively in a number of different ways - I think it really just depends on your target clients. For example, if I were to use business cards for The Kid Is Rich, I would think about not only giving them to kids, but also placing them where kids can easily find them if I'm not around.

Here's a cool idea: go to the library and place your business cards inside of popular books. Since my blog is for kids, I would get best results by slipping them inside of popular children's/teen's books. But don't limit yourself to relevance - for instance, if you have a mowing business, you wouldn't want to just place them inside of How To Mow Your Lawn books (or anything similar). People won't be paying you because they don't know how to do it themselves. They'll be paying you because they don't want to do it. Your best bet is to place your cards inside of the books a lot of people like to check out.

Get creative - who are your target clients? Where do they usually hang out? Where could you place your cards and get effective results?

Keep Cards With You 24/7
You never know who you're gonna meet or when a business opportunity might suddenly present itself. Seriously - even if you're just going to the store with your parents, carry a small stack of cards with you in a place where you can easily get to them. A pocket or your purse, for example. Do not place them where they can get bent up or crumpled. A clean crisp card shows profession. If you spend five minutes fishing around in your pockets for a card, only to hand over a bubble-gum stained, crumpled square of paper, your clients will think less of you.

Make Your Cards Look G-O-O-D
Relevance. Profession. Sharp. These are all words that should come to mind when designing your business cards. Triple-check to make sure spelling is right before buying cards (I know vistaprint doesn't fix errors - your card is printed exactly how you wrote it).

Business cards are awesome marketing devices that can expand your business when used in the right way. So get creative, and get dropping!

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