Friday, April 22, 2011

Put Down The Nintendo -- Get Serious About Your Business

Distractions can be disguised in many enticing ways - your IPod, phone, facebook, Nintendo, those basic carbs we call food (think: twinkies), movies...even friends can distract you from your goals.

You really, really want to get your business idea off the floor...oh, but it's been a whole 20 minutes since you checked facebook.

You'll get back to it later...

So, you procrastinate. Eventually, you forget about your business and the whole idea is gone out the window.

And then what are you left with? No business = no money.

Unless you have a job working for someone else, you're broke.

So, how do you get away from those untimely "distractions"? Well, it's not going to start with social networking sites. I can tell you that right now...

Log Out Of Facebook!!!
So many people are wasting their lives away by constantly chatting with their friends on the #2 most popular site on the Internet. I know how addicting it can be. I check Facebook at least once every hour (maybe more). But logging onto Facebook distracts me from what I've been trying to do since I started this blog - write more posts!

This is my third post in three days. My goal: be 14 days ahead. I want to be able to get at least one article out every day. If I have 2 weeks worth of posts, I don't have to worry about my readers thinking I disappeared off the face of the planet should a holiday come around or I'm just feeling like I need a small vacation.

Okay, so maybe Facebook isn't your distraction. Maybe you don't even have a Facebook. I'm sure you have other "devices" to take your mind away from what's really important (ahem...put down that Nintendo!!).

Here's something I've tried from a post here that has helped me to stay focused...

Minimize Your Distractions
Write these questions on a whiteboard or a slip of paper and set it in front of you whenever you are trying to work on your business idea:

Why are you doing that?
Do you really need to?

Since I work from home (blogging, teaching guitar, ect), my biggest distraction is the Internet. I already ranted about my Facebook addiction. Other time-consuming wastes include Hulu, YouTube and Gmail. While I think I've been doing pretty well steering clear of these sites, I could definitely focus a little more on my goals.

So, I ask myself the questions listed above as much as possible, making sure I am doing what I can to use my time effectively.

Of course, it's always easy to lie to yourself.

Yeah - um, Facebook is totally helping my business. I'm, like, helping my sales skills by...learning how to connect with people better.

This is when the Do you need to? part comes in. You may, in fact, need to do whatever it is you're doing. If so, you keep going (if not, you'll want to think about what you could do to help your business).

Really? Is usually what will help you to see what you should be doing to help your business. Often, we procrastinate without realizing it. These questions will minimize your distractions and keep you on the road to success.

Have FUN
It's important to make time for yourself to have fun. You're not going to want to spend all day every day working like a dog. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. - Unknown.  Check out Facebook every once in a while, go to the movies with your friends, play with your IPod...but don't let distractions keep you from achieving your goals and being successful.

And remember: whatever business you decide to take on, it should be fun for you. It'll be difficult sometimes, but overall, it should be something you love and enjoy.

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