Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Flip Books To Earn Money

Looking to make some extra money? With Books-A-Million's discount racks, you certainly can.

On a visit to my *favorite* store in the world (yeah - I'm a bookworm at heart), I took notice to the various racks sitting outside the doors displaying books that were on sale.

New books. Ones that would usually sell for around $15 were instead going for $1-$5.

And then I thought: Whoa! What a great opportunity to make some cash!

I've visited this store dozens of times and it took me this long to realize I could be flipping these books on Amazon! It was one of those Well, duh! moments where you feel like smacking yourself.

The cool thing is, these racks are there all the time. So, it would be pretty easy to buy these books on a regular basis and sell them for double (or sometimes triple) what you paid for. Really, it just depends on how much the book originally cost.

Say you buy a book for $2 that would usually go for $12. If it's popular enough, you could easily sell it for $6-$8 (especially if it's new - earning you 3-4 times what you spent!).

Of course, there's more to selling online with sites such as Amazon or Ebay than just listing your items and waiting for someone to buy. You have to market it right, figure out shipping costs (whether or not you're going to charge for shipping costs), get help from your parents with setting up a Paypal account (required for selling with both sites) and quite a few other details.

Sound like work? Hey - it's not called a job for nothing. At least you'll be making a nice profit from it.

Okay, so you aren't going to become a millionaire flipping books...but you could definitely earn well in the 100s range. With enough passion and dedication, you could even make thousands. That's how much Dane Carlson makes a month selling books on Amazon. His article - Can You Make $5000/Month Selling Used Books on Amazon? - describes useful tips on how you can get the most out of selling your books online.

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