Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ben Weissenstein: From Lemonade To Riches

When he was just 4 years old, Ben was featured on the cover of the Houston Chronicle after "helping" his older brother, Josh, man a lemonade stand.

And ever since, it's been all business.

From pulling weeds out of his grandmother's garden, to starting Ben's Pet Co. (a startup from his childhood that specialized in caring for pets), Ben continued to follow new business opportunities. He even had his own business cards by the age of 9.

However, ambitious as he was, Ben was still waiting for that million-dollar idea to strike.

And it did - when he was just 14 years old.

Ben was away at camp with his sister, so he couldn't help his mom with a garage sale when their house was being sold. His mom resorted to asking friends instead which gave her the idea that Ben could start a garage sale service. Ben's friend (Matt) had been doing very well with selling and (since they could both carry heavy items and both liked talking to people), she figured it was a great opportunity for them to make some money.

This idea led to the creation of Garage Sale Relief (now known as Grand Slam Garage Sales). Working very hard to get local publicity, Ben managed to get lots of jobs and gain a lot of "on-the-job training!"

During his high-school senior year, Ben became a celebrity in the young entrepreneurial world, getting regular appearances in news spots, radio and even on T.V. He was also featured on Entrepreneur Magazine and Dr. Phil!

He's now 20 years old and owns the highest-ranking garage sale business in the world (according to Google)!

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