Sunday, May 15, 2011

How To Run A Successful Lemonade Stand For Kids & Teens

It's almost summer. The days are growing hotter and hotter.

Which gives the perfect opportunity to start a lemonade stand.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about starting and running a successful lemonade stand.

Make A Lemonade Stand
The environment your lemonade business provides will be a big part of your sales success. To make a lemonade stand, you will first need a table. Borrow one from your parents or make one yourself.

Next, you need a large sign to tape onto the front of your table. Decorate it however you want - even create a unique name for your business. Write LEMONADE in big, colorful letters and include the price of your lemonade per cup.

Find a tin can or some sort of container you can use to collect pay. Unless you plan to stand the whole time, you'll probably want a chair with you as well.

Make Lemonade
The usual ingredients for lemonade include sugar, ice, lemons, and water. But you can also add other ingredients to set your lemonade apart from the rest. For instance, a 2 liter bottle of club soda costs $0.75 at Publix. Add it to your lemonade and you have sparkling lemonade. Experiment to make sure your lemonade is the best!

What you need:
- A pitcher (to contain the lemonade)
- Ice (to keep the lemonade cool)
- Sugar (lemonade doesn't taste too good without it)
- Dozens of paper/plastic cups
- A trashcan (so that customers can throw away their cups after use)
- Lemons or a lemon mix

You can either sell your lemonade homemade or from a mix (such as MinuteMaid). When using a mix, add it into your empty pitcher along with the sugar. Next, fill it up with water. Mix it all together and finally, add ice. To make it look more natural, take a regular lemon, rinse it off, and cut it into slices. Then add a couple of slices to the lemonade.

Where To Set Up Your Lemonade Stand
Tip: There are creepy people out there. This is why you need to ensure that you have a parent/guardian with you at all times when selling anything to strangers. If you think someone is acting strange or suspicious, ask your parents to serve them for you.

Think about places where there's a lot of foot traffic (i.e. a lot of people are walking around). This could include:

- the park
- outside of a grocery store (get permission 1st!)
- your local farmer's market
- a busy sidewalk

What are some other areas you can think of?

How Much Will You Charger Per Cup?
The usual amount of money to charge for lemonade is around 25 cents. However, you need to be sure that you are charging enough to actually make a profit! Keep in mind: if you charge too much, no one will buy from you. If you charge too little, you'll run out of lemonade and end up making no profit.

Customer Service
Be kind to your customers! They are paying you for a cup of lemonade, but in a way, they are also charging you for a service. Make sure you keep them happy!

First, collect the money. Next, make the lemonade.

If you have long hair, keep it tied back. When adding ice to your customer's lemonade, use tongs or a scooper instead of your hands. Also: keep a plate or a napkin on top of your pitcher when not serving to your customers in order to keep out bugs or dirt. Keep your operation as clean as possible!

After the customer receives their beverage, ask them how it was and make a mental note of any suggestions. Before they leave, tell them "Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful week(end)!"

Sell More!
You don't need to just sell lemonade in a lemonade stand. A wider variety suits more customers' needs and ensures more sales which = more success! Some options to keep in mind:

- Cookies
- Tea
- Sno Cones
- Ice Cream
- Brownies
- Cupcakes
- Muffins
- Soda
- Popsicles

The possibilities are endless!

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